Translation and Lyrics of Hoshi no Kazu dake ♫ by 256

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Today we bring you Kaito x Ansa – ♫ Hoshi no Kazu dake ♫ by 256 Japanese FULL version with lyrics and Music Translation. In addition, you can also read the lyrics in hiragana or romaji and watch the Music Video.

Hoshi no Kazu dake ♫ by 256 – Music Video

  • Anime: Kaito x Ansa Opening Theme
  • Music Type: Tema de Abertura
  • Name of the song: Hoshi no Kazu dake
  • Singer: 256

Hoshi no Kazu dake ♫ by 256 – Japanese Lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana) [歌詞]

See Japanese lyrics [歌詞] written in kanji, hiragana and furigana:













Hoshi no Kazu dake ♫ by 256 – Romanized Lyrics – Romaji

Dōyara kono sekai wa
Nazo ni michi te iru pazuru no yō da
Otona wa ai o wasure
Nagareochi te itta hoshi tachi sa

Hoshi no kazu dake seigi wa aru n da
Ima o ginga ni nage te shimattatte
Shinji ta ai ga aru nara
Kitto sukuwareru yo

Nazo no kazu dake dorama ga aru n n da
Tadashii michi nante hitotsu ja nai kara
Sō daro u?
Hoshi no kazu dake meikyū rabu

Translation of Hoshi no Kazu dake ♫ by 256 in English

Here's the translation of the song! You can also see the translation of Hoshi no Kazu dake ♫ by 256 in other languages using the selector below:

Apparently this world is
It seems like a mysterious puzzle
Adults forget love
The stars that flowed down

There is justice for the number of stars
I threw it into the galaxy now
If you believe in love
I’m sure you will be saved

As many mysteries as drama
Because there is no one right path
It would be so?
Labyrinth Love as many as the stars


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