Translation and Lyrics of Let’s La Cooking☆Show Time ♫ by Kanako Miyamoto

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This post shows The FULL Japanese Lyrics (with kanji, hiragana and romaji) Music Translation Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode – ♫ Let’s La Cooking☆Show Time ♫ by Kanako Miyamoto. In addition, you can also listen Let’s La Cooking☆Show Time while reading the lyrics.

Let’s La Cooking☆Show Time ♫ by Kanako Miyamoto – Music Video

  • Anime: Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Ending Theme
  • Music Type: Tema de Encerramento
  • Name of the song: Let’s La Cooking☆Show Time
  • Singer: Kanako Miyamoto

Let’s La Cooking☆Show Time ♫ by Kanako Miyamoto – Japanese Lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana) [歌詞]

See Japanese lyrics [歌詞] written in kanji, hiragana and furigana:


クッキンクッキン 始めはじめまショータイム!


ダンシンダンシン 踊らおどらにゃソン!


フワフワたっぷり はちふん立てだてまで Shake it!

(ぴょんぴょん) ツンと (立つたつまで)

サクサクさっくり 混ぜまぜあわせたら オーブン

(オープン!) 期待きたいしてね (お待ちおまちあれ☆)

とにかく体力たいりょく アイデア・オン・プレート

笑顔えがおたくて スイー・ツ・ワン!

(うっかりして!) 焼きやき過ぎすぎこんがり でもちゃっかり

(受け取っうけとって♡) 愛情あいじょうあればOK?

生クリームなまくりーむ なまチョコ なまたまご


今日きょう楽しんたのしんだら ごきげんよう

来週らいしゅうまた会いあいましょう (バイバイ)

大好きだいすき」が 集まれあつまれ 苦手にがてでも 頑張れるがんばれるから

失敗しっぱいでステップアップ 一緒いっしょならハッピー


ちょっとちょっと チョコっとチョーダイ!



Let’s La Cooking☆Show Time ♫ by Kanako Miyamoto – Romanized Lyrics – Romaji

Kukkinkukkin hajime ma shōtaimu!
Danshindanshin odora nya son!

Fuwafuwa tappuri hachibudate made shēku it! (Pyonpyon)
Tsun to (tatsu made)
Sakusaku sakkuri maze awa setara ōbun (ōpun! )

Kitai shite ne (omachi are ☆)
Tonikaku tairyoku
Aidea on purēto
Egao mitakute suī tsu wan! (Ukkari shite! )

-Yaki-sugi kongaride mo chakkari (uketotte ♡)
Aijō areba OK?
Nama kurīmu nachoko namatamago awatezu awadatemashou
Kyō mo tanoshindara gokigen’yō raishū mata aimashō (baibai)

`daisuki’ ga atsumareba
Nigate demo ganbarerukara
Shippai de suteppu appu isshonara happī

Chotto chotto chokotto chōdai!
Kirakira ☆ purikyuaaramōdo!

Music Translation in English

Now let’s see the lyrics translated from the song Let’s La Cooking☆Show Time ♫ by Kanako Miyamoto:

Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Cure
Cookin’ cookin’ it’s time for a showtime!
Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Cure
Dancin’ dancin’ dancing to the song

When the cake reaches the peak of being soft and fluffy, Shake it!
(Hop hop) Pointy (Until it stands)
Skillfully mix it all up gently then put it in the oven

(Open) Then sit tight and wait (It’ll be amazing☆)
Strength is my idea on parade
I want to see that smile, three, two, one!
(Without a thought!) I overcooked it again

(Please accept it♡) When there’s some love it’s OK
The fresh cream, fresh chocolate and fresh eggs – we’re gonna whisk them together without panicking
If you enjoyed cooking today, have a good day
Let’s all meet each other again next week (Bye bye)

Because we collect all these “I love you”s, we know we are working hard instead of failing
If we fall, step up and we will be happy
Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Cure
In a little bit, we’ll eat great chocolate!

Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Cure
KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode!


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