Translation and Lyrics of Happy Ice Cream! ♫ by Ami Kurata

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This post shows The FULL Japanese Lyrics (with kanji, hiragana and romaji) Music Translation Long Riders! – ♫ Happy Ice Cream! ♫ by Ami Kurata. In addition, you can also listen Happy Ice Cream! while reading the lyrics.

Happy Ice Cream! ♫ by Ami Kurata – Music Video

  • Anime: Long Riders! Ending Theme
  • Music Type: Tema de Encerramento
  • Name of the song: Happy Ice Cream!
  • Singer: Ami Kurata

Happy Ice Cream! ♫ by Ami Kurata – Japanese Lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana) [歌詞]

See Japanese lyrics [歌詞] written in kanji, hiragana and furigana:

All is sunny day 飛び切りとびきり積んつん


Let’s go brand-new day 揃いそろいのジャージで






はアイスクリーム アイスクリーム


友情ゆうじょうっていうか みなといるとなんだか楽しくたのしく


Ohh… 大好きだいすきだから ロングライダース

Happy Ice Cream! ♫ by Ami Kurata – Romanized Lyrics – Romaji

All is sunny day tobikiri o tsunde
Dekakeyou itsumo no nakama de
Let’s go brand-new day osoroi no jaaji de
Kaze no naka massara na sekai e

Ima wa mada wakannai koto bakari
Dakara chanto mae e mitsumete
Oiteikarenai you ni funbatte
Demo ne, shakariki ni pedaru mawashita

Ato wa ice cream ice cream
Tomadoi mo fuan mo zenbu koko ni oite
Yuujou tte iu ka minna to iru to nandaka tanoshikute
Kinou yori kagayakeru yokan

Ohh… daisuki dakara rongu raidaasu

Music Translation in English

Here's the translation of the song! You can also see the translation of Happy Ice Cream! ♫ by Ami Kurata in other languages using the selector below:

Now let’s see the lyrics translated from the song Happy Ice Cream! ♫ by Ami Kurata:

All is sunny day: Packing in the best things we have,
Let’s head out with the same old friends.
Let’s go brand-new day: Wearing matching jerseys,
We’ll fly through the wind to a pure-white world!

Right now, there are still so many things I don’t know…
That’s why I’ll fix my eyes ahead,
Digging in, to keep from getting left behind!
But y’know, after spinning these pedals so fiercely,

There’s always ice cream! Ice cream!
So I’ll leave behind all my confusion and anxiety!
Friends or not, it’s simply so fun to be together!
I feel like I can shine brighter than I did yesterday!

Ohh… because we love it so much, we’re Long Riders!


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