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Today we bring you Megalo Box – ♫ Bite ♫ by Leo Imai Japanese FULL version with lyrics and Music Translation. In addition, you can also read the lyrics in hiragana or romaji and watch the Music Video.

Bite ♫ by Leo Imai – Music Video

  • Anime: Megalo Box Opening Theme
  • Music Type: Tema de Abertura
  • Name of the song: Bite
  • Singer: Leo Imai

Bite ♫ by Leo Imai – Japanese Lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana) [歌詞]

See Japanese lyrics [歌詞] written in kanji, hiragana and furigana:

IDは持っもってない 忘れるわすれる歓楽街かんらくがい


わたし崩壊ほうかい 明日あしたはもうない


行き先ゆきさきもない ゆめなんて勘違いかんちがい


エリートの顔色かおいろ 通っとおったら睨み合いにらみあい


噛みつかかみつかせろ 噛みつかかみつかせろ!


噛みつかかみつかせろ 噛みつかかみつかせろ!


ドアを開けろあけろ ドアを開けろあけろ


噛みつかかみつかせろ 噛みつかかみつかせろ!


Bite ♫ by Leo Imai – Romanized Lyrics – Romaji

ID wa mottenai wasureru kanrakugai
Kouya wo mezashite dorojiai
Watashi wa houkai ashita wa mou nai
Ikitemo shindemo kamawanai

Yukisaki mo nai yume nante kanchigai
Guuguu naru hara no soko shika nai
Eriito no kaoiro touttara niramiai
Taimatsu no hi wo tada nomihoshitai

Kamitsukasero kamitsukasero!
Ishi wo kuichigiru
Kamitsukasero kamitsukasero!
Suna to tsuba wo haku

Doa wo akero doa wo akero!
Gomi wa moyashi tsudzuketeru
Kamitsukasero kamitsukasero!
Makeinu wo kuruwashita wirusu

Music Translation in English

Here's the translation of the song! You can also see the translation of Bite ♫ by Leo Imai in other languages using the selector below:

Now let’s see the lyrics translated from the song Bite ♫ by Leo Imai:

I don’t have an ID, a red‐light district that makes me forget about it
Dog fights to get to the wilderness
I am broken, there is no tomorrow
I don’t care if I am dead or alive

No where to go, a dream is just a misunderstanding
Only thing I have is this growling empty stomach
The faces of elites, stare at each other when they pass by
I just want to drink up the flames of the torch

Let me bite, Let me bite!
I am going to bite off your will
Let me bite, Let me bite!
I am going to spit sand and saliva

Open the door, Open the door!
Trash is still burning
Let me bite, Let me bite!
A virus that turns a loser dog mad


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