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Today we bring you Hataraku Saibou – ♫ CheerS ♫ by ClariS Japanese FULL version with lyrics and Music Translation. In addition, you can also read the lyrics in hiragana or romaji and watch the Music Video.

CheerS ♫ by ClariS – Music Video

  • Anime: Hataraku Saibou Ending Theme
  • Music Type: Tema de Encerramento
  • Name of the song: CheerS
  • Singer: ClariS

CheerS ♫ by ClariS – Japanese Lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana) [歌詞]

See Japanese lyrics [歌詞] written in kanji, hiragana and furigana:

きみらしいペースで さあ歩こあるこうよ

暑いあついした あせをかいたら






Happy good day

きみ向かっむかってエール 満点まんてんじゃなくても

It’s ok, all okだから

Happy good day


少しすこし転んころんでも all okㅤ笑っわらっ


昨日きのうがくれた いま未来みらい

きみらしいペースで 届けとどけてよ


何故かなぜか眠れねむれない 真っ暗まっくらよる

ほしがきれいに 見えるみえるでしょ

つき照らすてらすそら となり座っすわっ


だれかれもが 違うちがうこころ


Happy good day

よる向こうむこうでエール いま暗くくらくても

It’s ok, all okいつか

Happy good day


たとえあめでも all ok 笑っわらっ



きみらしいペースで 咲かせよさかせようよ

Happy good day

きみがくれるエール いつも響いひびいてる

It’s ok, all ok だから

Happy good day 言葉ことば以上いじょうのフレー

見えみえなくても it’s ok, all ok!

Happy good day

きみ向かっむかってエール 奏でかなで合うあうエール

It’s ok, all okほらね

Happy good day


なん転んころんでも all ok 笑っわらっ

じゃあね また明日あした


きみらしいペースで 踏み出そふみだそうよ

CheerS ♫ by ClariS – Romanized Lyrics – Romaji

Kimi-rashī peisu de sā arukō yo
Atsui hi no shita ase o kaitara
Tsumetai mizu o todokeru yo
Samu-sa ni furuete kaze o hītara

Genki no mahō o tonaeru yo
Hitorihitori ga chigau katachi de
Onaji hi o ikiteru
Happy good day

Kimi ni mukatte eiru manten ja naku te mo
It s ok all ok da kara
Happy good day
Ōkina koe de furei

Sukoshi koronde mo all ok waratte
Jā ne mata asu
Kinō ga kureta ima o mirai e
Kimi-rashī peisu de todokete yo

[Full Version Continues:]Naze ka nemurenai makkura na yoru wa
Hoshi ga kirei ni mierudesho
Tsuki ga terasu sora tonari ni suwatte

Kimi no hanashi o kikasete yo
Dare mo kare mo ga chigau kokoro o
Kasaneatte ikite iru
Happy good day

Yoru no mukō de eiru ima wa kuraku te mo
It s ok all ok itsu ka
Happy good day
Hikari sasu hō ni furei

Tatoe ame de mo all ok waratte
Niji ga kakaru asu
Mada tsubomi no mama no mirai o
Kimi-rashī peisu de sakaseyō yo

Happy good day
Kimi ga kureru eiru itsu mo hibīteru
It s ok all ok da kara
Happy good day kotoba ijō no furei

Me ni mienakute mo it s ok all ok!
Happy good day
Kimi ni mukatte eiru sō de au eiru
It s ok all ok hora ne

Happy good day
Ōkina koe de furei
Nan do koronde mo all ok waratte
Jā ne mata asu

Mada dare mo shiranai mirai e
Kimi-rashī peisu de fumidasō yo

Translation of CheerS ♫ by ClariS in English

Let’s walk at your pace
If you sweat under the hot sun
I will deliver cold water
When trembling in the cold and catching a cold

I will cast a spirit of spirit
Every person is in a different form
I live the same day
Happy good day

Even if it is not a perfect score toward you
It’s ok, all ok So
Happy good day
Fly with a loud voice

Even if it fell a bit, all ok laughing
See you later See you tomorrow
Today I gave you yesterday to the future
Deliver it at your pace.

[Future version only now]Why can not I sleep for a dark night
You see the stars look pretty
Sit next to the sky illuminated by the moon

Let me hear your story
Everyone has a different heart
I am living in a superimposed manner
Happy good day

Ale on the other side of the night Even now it’s dark
It’s ok, all ok someday
Happy good day
Fly to the light

Even with the rain all ok laugh
Tomorrow it will take a rainbow
The future that still remains a bud
Let’s bloom at your pace

Happy good day
The ale which you give me always sounds
It’s ok, all ok So
Happy good day Frame over words

Even if it is not visible it’s ok, all ok!
Happy good day
Ale that fits for you with an ale play towards you
It’s ok, all ok you see

Happy good day
Fly with a loud voice
No matter how many times you fall, all ok laugh
See you later See you tomorrow

To the future that no one knows yet
Let’s take a step at your pace


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